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Let's SoundsKape

Sonic landscapes with Kurzweil synthesizers

"Paint" your sonic landscapes with Let's SoundsKape, a compilation of 100 original and inspiring sounds.

All colors at your disposal.

Let's SoundsKape brings to Kurzweil synthesizers an infinite diversity of very complex pad sounds which are among best:

Listen them in action

These are some of the sounds of Let's Soundscape:

Alive Apocalypse Ave
B-17 Bacterian Life Bifuzzy
Big People Bronze Wheels CartoonMouses
Celestial Celtic Corporate Psycho
Cotton Crystall Ball CS80 Light
Diving Epic Horns Ferns
Forgotten Forest Frank Rebirth Froze
Full Moon Fuzzy Logic Ghost Ship
Glaciar Cave Glockphone Grandma
Hard Sync 2P Hubble Deep Field Hurdy
King After Battle Knight LA Chorus
Lullaby Marshallish Milkier
Milkway Mistery Tremolo Modesty
Murmur Only Zoo Perez
Picnic on Mars Power Plant Preacher
Progress Repulse Revelation
Rumour Sacra Sacred Choir
Seeds in Weightl Sinusitis Space Opera
Sweet Solitude Tan Dun Tempus Fugit
The Others Torrent UFO
Websilk Wedding Garden

Quality assurance

Let's SoundsKape has been designed as a whole: Sounds were created filling a special table to assure that any pad type sound was in it, once programmed, sounds were carefully ordered by its spectral distribution.

Most of this compilation sounds have been programmed from scratch, using dozens of different VAST architechtures and multiple original algorithms.

All the sounds of Let's SoundsKape have been created to be easily integrated in musical compositions.

Every Let's SoundsKape sound can be customized (see compatibility) using the sliders to fit any song:

Deslizador ATimbre 1
Deslizador BTimbre 2 dynamics
Deslizador CStereo depth
Deslizador DStereo velocity
Deslizador EAmbience effect depth
Deslizador FAmbience effect length
Deslizador GAmbience effect velocity
Deslizador HEqualizer frequency
Deslizador IEqualizer attenuation
PostpulsaciónTimbre 3


Every Let's SoundsKape sound can be used in all the PC3 engine based Kurzweil synthesizers. At present they are: PC361, PC3, PC3x, PC3K6, PC3K7, PC3K8, PC3LE6, PC3LE7, PC3LE8, SP4-7 and SP4-8.

The sounds of Let's SoundsKape can be modified using any of the following synthesizers: PC361, PC3, PC3x, PC3K6, PC3K7, PC3K8.

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You can buy the full Let's SoundsKape compilation with 40€ o, if you prefer, a partial compilation with 18€.

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